The front door is a symbol of interior style and the first feeling that fills the moment of coming home with joy. The decoration of the front door is extra important, and the front door hanging is a very hot topic nowadays, so here are some tips for you! Click here to learn more about door decor.

1.Large wreath (vertical)

More special than the general wreath door decoration, perfect for the door with transparent glass shape, looks very atmospheric and eye-catching, perfect for cafes. In the arrival of the holiday season can also replace some holiday flowers, such as Christmas, very practical


2.DIY vase with light bulbs

Use your broken light bulb to re-DIY into a cute little vase! Natural and fresh, almost 0 costs, only need to use twine and small wildflowers can be assembled, as a cute door decoration!


3.Patterned wood panel hangings

This decorative wood panel many uses, can be used for door signs, can be used for decorative paintings, can be used for message boards, if you need to have content to present on the door, you can use this door decoration to achieve!

4.Bouquet in a bag

Make a bag with a long branch or woven rope, put a carefully selected bouquet of flowers, and experience the simplest natural beauty, this door decoration is beautiful and temperamental.

5.Door signs suitable for wooden doors

The black wooden door sign with decoration is perfect for wooden front door decoration, and also can be used as interior decoration, which can be hung on the wall, room door, cafe, bookstore, etc. Click here to learn more.


6.Door signs suitable for metal doors

White wooden door sign with decoration, perfect for metal front door decoration, also can be used as interior decoration, can be hung on the wall, room door, cafe, bookstore, etc. Click here to learn more.

7.Gnomes Door Sign

gnomes are a very hot element recently, decorating the front door with gnomes door sign will be very eye-catching and can very much bring up a lovely atmosphere, you can also use gnomes to guard your home and bring good luck! Click here to learn more.

8.Lavender Wreath

As the most commonly used door decoration wreath, we can choose some relatively small flowers to weave, such as lavender, small daisies, etc., so that neither monotonous and very original, very suitable for the fresh style of decoration style, some of the fresh wind store is also applicable!

9.Alphabet Wreath

A personal very favorite decoration, with a letter wreath to represent their family to present on the front door, is very unique and appropriate, simple and generous, but also can always change the type of flower with the holiday!


10.Picture frame decoration

Put the wreath inside the frame to decorate it! The frame is like another world, very unique, you can even build another home in it! Remember that it must be a 3D frame and not just a decorative painting!

11.Window frame decoration

Do you yearn for the freshness and beauty of nature? You can feel it in the windows of your own home! Try placing pots or clay around the edges and planting your favorite flowers by the window to feel the pleasure of nature anytime!

12.Front door creative lighting

This simple kettle and led string lights combined with the door decoration is very clever, there is a sense of fairy magic, the production is very simple! Make your home unique in your area quickly!